There Is Nothing Like It!

Obedience. One simple word, yet such a hard task to achieve! Even as Christians, we often times wants things our way! We want to be the one in charge and in control of our lives. Possibly it is due to the fact that when we have control we have a sense of security. We feel like everything will be okay because we made reasonable plans. Yet this control that we desire to have over our lives is becoming a major problem.

God desires otherwise of us. He desires us to die to ourselves and our plans and to yield to His desires and plans for us! Think about that for just a moment. We are human therefore we don’t know anything except what is in the now. We don’t know what tomorrow holds! So why do we try and act like we do? Instead, wouldn’t it be better to yield to God who not only knows the now, but knows every little detail of the future? I would say that is much better!

In fact, there is nothing like it! There is nothing that can compare to obeying Christ. Because you see, when we begin to die to ourselves, obey Christ, and live in His will, it brings us great joy and peace!

My prayer for you, the reader, is that each day you would die to yourself, and live to obey Christ! There is nothing like it!

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