So You’re A New Christian Now?

First off, I must say PRAISE THE LORD!! You have made the best, and most rewarding decision of your life! God has chosen you to be saved from Hell and has granted you access into His Holy Kingdom.

But now, you’re probably wondering what now? How does God view me now? What about my sin? What do I have to be hopeful for now?

My plan for the next few days, or weeks, however long God leads me to do this is to help you answer these questions. I need your help though. I need you to submit your questions that either you’ve heard from others, or maybe ones that you’ve asked yourselves about your new Salvation. I urge you to submit them either through the “Contact Us” page, or comment on this post.

I’m excited about where God will take us in this study!

2 thoughts on “So You’re A New Christian Now?

  1. This is a great post, Blake. I know that, with your drive, enthusiasm and pastoral care, you will make a difference to many people.

    I think laying out what salvation is all about will touch lives and make the truth of the Gospel that bit more accessible.

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