Welcome to Born Again Ministry


Welcome to Born Again Ministry!

We would like to thank you for visiting the site. Here, you will find nothing but Jesus Christ preached. Our entire belief can be summed up in one phrase, “Reaching the World with the Gospel of Christ”.

Born Again Ministry originated and was founded in 2008 by Blake Croft. It began as a simple blog with short Bible teaching articles. In October of 2009, Blake began podcasting under the ministry’s name “Born Again Ministry” as well as “Daily Moment in the Word” podcasts. In January of 2011, Blake brought on Josh Swafford (from Generation 3:16 ministries) into the ministry, and they began podcasting together under programs titled “CrossWalk, and CrossWalk Midweek”. Later that year the idea of “Reborn Radio” began and lasted well into 2012 and then taken off the air. In December of 2013, Bradley Sparks was brought into the ministry. After many thoughts and prayers, in 2014, Born Again Ministry underwent a major overhaul and refocused on its original mission of “Reaching the World with the Gospel of Christ.”

Want to Help be a Part of Our Ministry’s Mission??

We consist of three guys with a huge heart for God and His Kingdom! We want to see lives changed, the universal church connected, and the Kingdom enlarged! To sum it up, we want to “Reach the World with the Gospel of Christ.” Our ministry is one of discipleship and evangelism, and we would love YOU to join us and be apart of our mission!

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